mh -- mental health  
ph -- physical healh  
pos (or +) -- positive  
neg (or -) -- negative  
~ (sometimes ?) -- unsure if it's positive or negative, or somewhere in-between
ment -- mention  
pol -- politics  
uspol/ilpol/ukpos/eupol etcetera -- politics, but region specific, the first two letters are an indicator (uspol -- united states politics, eupol -- european politics, and so forth  
oh -- overheard  
nsfw -- not safe for work  
sa -- sexual assault  
csa -- child sexual abuse  
sh -- self harm  
sui -- suicide  
sfw -- safe for work  
cw -- content warning  
cn -- content note, haven't seen this one personally, but used for context rather than warnings
alt -- referring to alt-text, which are media descriptions for the visually or aurally impaired
ec -- eye contact, usually an image of someone or something looking directly at the camera
what -- commonly it's used for "hotdogs are tacos" type deals, stuff that seems silly that's meant for messing with people
??? -- confusing or nonsensical
veg -- usually vegan, sometimes vegetarian  
exp -- experience
qt -- quote toot/tweet
rt -- re(toot/tweet)
qn -- quote note
rn -- renote
qp -- quote post  
rp -- oddly, usually roleplay, but it could be repost too
lb -- last boost

-- tone indicators --  
/lh (or just lh) -- lighthearted  
/j (or just j) -- joking  
/s (or just s) -- sarcasm  
/srs (or just srs) -- serious  
/sx, /x (or just sx or x) -- sexual  
/nx, nsx (or just nsx or nx) -- non-sexual/not sexual
/ly (or just ly) -- lyrics  
/r -- romance
/gen (or just gen) -- genuine

-- queer community abbreviations --
enby/nb -- a non-binary individual, someone who is neither boy nor girl  
terf -- trans exclusitory radical feminist, someone attempting to fight for women's rights while only fighting for *some* of them  
fart -- fascist aligned radical transphobe, used for the same group as terf  
transmed -- someone who believes trans people can only be boy or girl, *must* medically transition, and must have dyshporia in order to be trans (i.e. an idiot)  
lgbtqia+ -- lesbian gay bisexual trans queer intersex asexual etc., used as a general term for the queer community  
alphabet mafia -- a slang term for the queer community making fun of the lgbtqia+ acronym  
grsm -- gender romantic and sexual minorities, a more inclusive umbrella acronym for the queer community  
hrt -- hormone replacement therapy, a medical process using supplements to artificially increase or decrease the hormone levels of an individual, resulting in gender affirming physical changes  
ts -- trans  
saph/sapphic -- in reference to the historical lesbian poet Sappho, who was a significant face of early lesbian communities, sometimes used in place of the term lesbian

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